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Primal Fear has a series of bosses and creatures that can be found either in the wild or by being summoned. In some rare cases you need a summoner to be able to summon a tameable version of your favorite boss creature. All summoners listed on this page are crafted int the  Primal Smithy.

Captain Black Boulder Summoner

  •  Captain Black Boulder spawns wild on the map surrounded by his parrot minions. Upon his death the player recieves his summons to be able to get a tameable version.
  • Can not be crafted, can only be recieved as a loot drop.

Origin Summons

Argy Summon.png
  • Origin creatures can be found in the wild but can also be summoned
  • There are a total of 8 origin summons
  • Killing Origin Creatures unlocks Tek Engrams

Demonic Reaper Empress Summoner

Celestial Indominus Emperor Summoner

Guardian Summons

Pikkon the Creator Summoner

Nova the Destroyer Summoner

Colossus Summoners

Pikkon’s Revenge Summoner