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Primal Fear adds a wide array of weaponry that is mostly geared towards giving players the ability to knock out and tame Primal Fear creatures. Most can be crafted and all are found in drops from different creatures, including some exclusive boss dropped weaponry.


Primal Spear

Primal Spear.png

A narcotic tipped spear that allows you to deal torpor damage to wild creatures.

Has a 3.5% chance of breaking when used.

Can also be thrown and still deal torpor damage.

Primal Pike

Primal Pike.png

The Primal Pike is a early game tamers best friend when getting their first Primal Fear tame due to the amount of torpor dealt.

Deals torpor with every hit.

It can not be thrown.


Pump Action Primal Shotgun

Primal Shotgun.png

The Primal Shotgun is perfect for short ranged attacks.

Can fire 6 times before reloading.

Its ammo is  Primal Shotgun Ammo

Primal Sniper Rifle

Primal Sniper Rifle.png

The Primal Sniper Rifle is perfect for long ranged attacks.

Has a magazine that holds 24 bullets and takes 4 seconds to reload.

It uses  Primal Bullet, Potent Tranq Bullet and  Toxic Tranq Bullets for ammo.

Primal Compound Bow

Primal Compound Bow.png

The Primal Compound Bow is perfect for those who want to channel their inner archer.

It fires at a higher velocity.

It uses  Primal Metal Arrow, Primal Frag Arrow and  Primal Incendiary Arrow,  Toxic Tranq Primal Metal Arrow,  Alpha Tranq Primal Metal Arrow,  Apex Tranq Primal Metal Arrow,  Primal Tranq Primal Metal Arrow for ammo.

Dropped Weaponry

These weapons can only be obtained through defeating a Primal Fear boss creature.