Genesis Expansion

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Primal Fear Genesis Expansion
File:Genesis Expansion.png
Primal Fear Genesis Part 1 creatures to maps that do not have Genesis spawners.
Mod author
Release date
August 16th, 2020
Actively maintained

This mod adds in vanilla and Primal Fear Genesis creatures to non-Genesis maps. It also adds all of the Genesis Pt. 1 engrams and items.

All Tek engrams are unlockable through Origin Creatures.

Playing Primal Fear without this mod will only spawn Primal Fear Genesis creatures on Genesis spawners. If the map you are playing is either Genesis, or has an Genesis section, this mod is NOT necessary.

Note: This mod should be able to be used as a cross genesis mod. Any primal fear creatures will not spawn, but vanilla will


The following creatures would be affected by this expansion on maps that do not have Extinction spawn containers.

Alpha Apex Fabled