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28th, April 2022


  • Patched all health potions so they now add food instead of removing it
  • Fixing light parrot egg
  • Added proper particles to elemental parrots
  • Added proper animations to parrots
  • Fixing non-elemental parrots passive eggs
  • Elemental Parrots should no longer show as passive tames
  • Celestial argents should use spike attack without ride and in wild now
  • Omega Lightning Wyvern stun now lasts 4 seconds, and the affected is protected from another stun for 6 seconds. No longer works on bosses.


11th, April 2022


  • Added egg for vanilla parrot
  • Set a tamed inventory for the vanilla parrot (maybe one others weren't working)
  • Verified all setting for knockout tame on parrots
  • Moved the clamp for heal IV to verify before the healing multiplier is added and added extra code for new ones to reroll if they are missing the multiplier. likely wont affect old tames but new ones and babies should update the changes
  • Added spawn limiters to spawn biomes
  • Added dodos back into PGD. They got removed some how.

4th, April 2022


  • Parrot saddle name fixed
  • Light dark parrot inventory and class fixed
  • PTERO updates to attempt to fix not spawning

1st, April 2022


  • Fixing Omegas so they properly cap their IV's (Thanks Zythara!)
  • Adding Elemental Parrots (Thanks Zythara!)
  • Adding P.T.E.R.O. (Primal tek bench) also known as the Personal Taming Electronic Rideable Object
  • Adding support for Lost Island


  • Added support for Lost Island to boss mod

8th, February 2022

Bug fixes and QoL fixes

Thanks to Zythara for most of these fixes!

  • Loot Boss past ramshackle no longer spawns rotated
  • Fixed narcotic description to say arrow
  • made demonic Shinehorn & Bulbdog immune to aberration radiation
  • update healing stews to use the new method. 1% per second for 5 seconds. this potion stacks on itself unlike others.
  • Adjusted all demonic, celestial, spirit, chaos to have the same cloning multipliers
  • Fixed Apex scorpion fertilized eggs
  • Fixed Arthroplura fertilized eggs
  • Fixed Megalodon fertilized eggs
  • Fixed Plesiosaur fertilized eggs
  • Fixed Elder phoenix fertilized eggs
  • Buffed non giga primal teks damage and health by 10x
  • Rebuilt the Omega buff code to help make sure the children get a better armor stat
  • Rebuilt the randomizer on the armor code to make sure it caps at 90% reduction
  • Improved stability in the IV generator for the omegas
  • Added alpha mammoth saddle to Primal Bench and loot boss loot pool
  • Fixed a bunch of items that were usable on creatures they weren't supposed to
  • Added some test debugging to summoners to potentially help track who summoned them
  • Allowed arthropluras to take torpor
  • Removed Apex Chalicos from walking tame
  • Removed the ability to net most Primal Fear dinos
  • Reduced the amount of fireballs coming from the Demonic Kapro
  • Fixed the first person view of the Fabled Unicorn so it doesn't flash white


  • Attempting to fix the issue with Omega negative healing (Thanks Zythara!)
  • Adding a bit more boom and the celestial glow to the Indom Emperor

16th September 2020


  • Added Celestial Dire Bear and Ascended Celestial Dire Bear.
  • Added Celestial Ferox (Evolved) and Ascended Celestial Ferox.
  • Added Demonic Kapro and Fallen Demonic Kapro
  • Added Demonic Parasaur and Fallen Demonic Parasaur
  • Added Spirit Spino
  • Added Spirit Griffin
  • Added Spirit Thylacoleo
  • Added Chaos Spino
  • Added Chaos Griffin
  • Added Chaos Thylacoleo


  • Removed Origin tranq bullet and replaced it with origin tranq primal metal arrow. Existing crafted origin tranq bullets will still remain and work, but cannot craft new bullets
  • Origin bullet is now a rare drop on tier 7 boss while the arrow can be crafted as expected.
  • Fixed omega spino low torpor bug
  • Godliath loot set to 16 instead of 12
  • Polish pass on Wandering Loot Boss

-Boss health multiplied by 10x at each stage
-Each stage takes 10% less total damage over the last. (Ramshackle at 100%, Apprentice at 90%... Godliath at 50%).
-Godliath lootset values set between 16-24 (instead of 12-14).

  • Updated Celestial Rex projectile. Fragment cone is tighter so you can aim better. Can shoot between 4-10 projectiles at random
  • Increased speed of Chaos projectile and added gravity
  • Increase time interval for demonic meso poop throw to 10 seconds
  • Buffed buffon ferox giant grenade throw damage and size. Projectile mesh also rotates when thrown
  • Added dynamic scaling to all celestial, demonic, spirit, choas AOE emitters. Now scales with dino damage
  • Added dynamic scaling to all fragment projectiles that never scaled before including demonic shinehorn, celestial rex, buffon ferox and anything else that had unscaling, fragmented projectiles
  • Added dynamic scaling to Tortuga cannons, as well as tortuga fire emitter AOE damage
  • Added dynamic scaling to tamed nova projectiles, AOE emitters
  • Added dynamic scaling to fabled rock golem rock projectile, and pikkon the creator rock projectile
  • Added Omega blood to Origin dino summoner crafting requirements
  • Allowed Origin and Primal Costumes on Omega Creatures
  • Updated Nova the Destroy Mesh to polished version
  • Fixed issue where disabling nova particles would be re-enabled when leaving and entering back into render range

25th August, 2020


  • Added alpha and fabled tropeo to npc global replacements of tapejara. Should allow tropeos to spawn on any map.
  • Adding Buffoon Spawns to more spawners
  • Adding All Rock Drakes to CI Floating Island spawners
  • Added Wandering Wandering Loot Boss. Boss drops quality saddles by quality level of creature. As the tiers increase, as does its quality level of drops, and it emphasizes higher and higher tiers of dino saddle drops. All bosses will drop saddle engrams with a 98% chance, and actual saddles with a 2% chance. Hurting the boss down to 15% health will cause it to go berserk, increasing speed and giving a 3x melee damage boost. Leaving this boss alone for 30 seconds after berserk mode is activated will cause it to evolve to the next level. Repeat this process for each tier of boss. Each evolution increases its level, and multiplies its stats by 2 over the previous tier.
  • Ramshackle is tier 1. This is the only dino that spawns wild. Killing this will yield ramshackle saddle loot. Heavy emphasis on lower tier creatures. This boss ignores wild dinos and all wild dinos ignore it until it goes berserk
  • Apprentice is tier 2. Spawns at Ramshackle level + 15 levels
  • Journeyman is tier 3. Spawns at Apprentice level +50 levels
  • Mastercraft is tier 4. Spawns at Journeyman level + 75 levels
  • Ascendant is tier 5. Spawns at Mastercraft level + 100 levels
  • Godliath is tier 6. Spawns at Ascendant level + 200 levels. At this tier, the boss's fireballs can now damage metal, and kill riders of the back of their creatures, and also gets a new meteor barrage attack. Goes Berserk at 50% health. This tier can also drop primal tek saddles, and Godliath primal fear weapons (50/50 engram to item ratio) on top of saddles. Emphasis on top tier creature saddles.
  • Added new Godliath loot quality only achieved from defeating the Godliath level of wandering saddle boss. This will probably only work when Primal Fear is in the 1st load order. If not, Godliath will drop higher tier ascendant loot.


  • Increased kibble requirements for Tortuga.
  • Fixed tek shoulder cannon unlock from origin penguin.
  • Fixed fallen demonic megatherium swim speed and explosion attack. Will now break rocks and not harvest bodies.
  • Fixed some weird IK issues with Buffoon Ferox. -General polish on buffoon ferox -Restoring pegasus saddle to origin equus saddling and making it visible on all versions of pegasus.
  • Fixed Empress so it doesn't burn or take % damage when unpowered. Boss only.
  • Doubled reaper empress damage it takes without being illuminated. now takes 10% damage instead of 5.
  • Severely increased the range all PF light pets illuminate by default. -Added explosions to captain black boulder cannonball impact.
  • Fix omega reapers laying wild eggs.
  • Disabled wild nuka dodo taming. Reduced Brachi Spawns

16th August, 2020


  • Added Alpha Tropeo which shoots out rocket penguins (requires grenades as ammo. CI only or any custom map that adds tropeo spawners). Knock out tame
  • Added Fabled Tropeo which shoots out demonic monkey poop (required as ammo. CI only or any custom map that adds tropeo spawners). Knock out tame
  • Added PF wyverns to the wyvern cave on CI
  • Added Buffoon Ferox (All maps, knock out tame)
  • Added Alpha, Apex, and Fabled Magmasaur (All maps by default that contain lava spawners, knock out tame)
  • Added Fabled Giant Turtle (All maps, knock out tame)
  • Added Tortuga, Master of the Sea (All maps, knock out tame)
  • Added Alpha and Apex Ferox (Genesis map only unless custom map uses genesis spawners)
  • Added all X versions of Primal Fear creatures for Toxic, Alpha, Apex, and Fabled tiers (Genesis map only unless custom map uses genesis spawners)
  • Added Alpha and Fabled Bloodstalkers (Genesis map only unless custom map uses genesis spawners)
  • Added food potion. Will not work on PF indom, celestial or demonic babies. Restores 100% food over 15 second period


  • Changed demonic monkey poop to throwable grenade. When the monkey poops, pick it up and chunk it, or add it to your fabled tropeo inventory
  • Polished buffoon monkey riding equus. Monkey now has proper animation, and when it does, it spawns a tameable clown monkey
  • Polished buffoon monkey. Added new glowing eyes, and changed its poop attack to a special attack
  • Jacked up nova cloning cost to match Ascended Celestials
  • Reduced primal smithy inventory slots to 1000
  • Polish pass on buffoon giganto
  • Picking up wild PF eggs will cause some PF creatures of the same tier to aggro the player
  • Increased gatling projectile damage of alpha (5x) and apex (10x) velanosaur
  • Alpha thorny dragon spines do damage and torpor like a potent tranq arrow
  • Apex thorny dragon spines do damage and torpor like a toxic tranq arrow
  • Increased base damage of all primal metal arrows
  • Added explosion code to explosive arrows so it should scale with % damage of bow
  • Adjusted third person view on fabled roll rat
  • Rebalanced narcotic, weapon, and ammo engrams level reqs to better reflect against current vanilla engram levels reqs
  • Alpha and Apex Indoms can now spawn above wild level like wyverns
  • Nova and Creator bosses can spawn above wild level like wyverns
  • Increased damage resistance for creator boss
  • Creators Revenge can spawn above wild level like wyverns
  • Increased damage resistance for creators revenge boss
  • Celestial boots now grant 125% movement speed instead of 200%
  • Fixed rider position and TPV on elder moschops, and slowed it down by 25%
  • Rebuilt projectiles for Elder, Alpha, and Apex defenders so they actually hit stuff
  • Rebuilt projectiles for Alpha and Apex Enforcers so they actually hit stuff
  • Rebuilt projectiles for personal attack drone so they actually hit stuff
  • Added Tek Space Whale saddle Engram learn to Origin Argent
  • Added Tek Grenade Launcher Engram learn to Origin Rex
  • Added Tek Claws Engram learn to Origin Rex
  • Added Tek Alarm Engram learn to Origin Raptor
  • Added Tek Cruise Missile Engram learn to Origin Wyvern
  • Added Tek Shoulder Cannon Engram learn to Origin Penguin
  • Added Tek Hover Skiff to Origin Direbear
  • Primal Tek Dinos now do step damage to foliage
  • Added cementing paste to tek dino loot drops
  • Added cementing paste to tek dino death harvest
  • Greatly increase demonic megatherium swim speed
  • Demonic Megatherium explosion slam no longer harvest bodies, but blows up rocks
  • Rebuilt alpha and apex enforcer projectiles so you can aim them and they fire straight


  • Fixed wyvern issue not being able to eat or force feed
  • Removed unused toxic wyvern, ptero, and argent saddles engrams, and fertilized egg references
  • Fixed origin spino standing attacks
  • Fixed typo in check heal IV on omegas
  • Fixed Primal carno costume drop
  • Fixed name of light inflamed buff
  • Alpha otter passive tame removed
  • Fix demonic roll rat dismount immunity bug
  • Spirit dinos should no longer provide spirit buff to baby dinos, or when dead
  • Chaos dinos should no longer provide chaos buff when they are a baby, or when dead
  • Elder defense unit can now be properly knocked out


  • Narcotics

- Potent:12

- Toxic:18

- Alpha:24

- Apex:30

- Primal:42

- Origin:85

- Primal Stim:18

  • Arrows:

- Potent:24

- Toxic:28

  • Darts:

- Casings:64

- Potent:64

- Toxic:66

- Alpha:68

- Apex:70

- Primal:72

- Health:64

- Primal Stim:64

  • Bullets:

- Primal Sniper: 85

- Primal Bullet:85

- Potent:85

- Toxic:87

- Alpha:89

- Apex:91

- Primal:93

- Origin:99

  • Metal Arrows:

- Primal Bow: 88

- Primal Arrow: 88

- Explosive:88

- Fire:88

- Potent:88

- Toxic:90

- Alpha:92

- Apex:92

- Primal:96

17th August 2020

  • Fixed Tortuga inventory not accessible when knocked out (wild)
  • Fixed Tortuga saddle
  • Artifacto Bunny Minions now get destroyed on stasis
  • Fixing issue where Primal Fear Main would cause vanilla engrams to disappear

26th June 2020

  • Fixed Necrotic Wyverns causing crash on death
  • Fixed Necrotic Wyverns not being able to remote use items in inventory
  • Fixed Omega Reaper missing saddle slot
  • Fixed Omega Reaper not getting any bonus levels on taming
  • Primal Fear stone arrows now take about 10 seconds to add torpor
  • Primal Fear tranq darts now take about 7 seconds to add torpor
  • Primal Fear tranq bullets now take about 5 seconds to add torpor
  • Primal Fear metal tranq arrows now take about 2 seconds to add torpor, and have had their torpor amount properly doubled

25th June 2020


  • Fixing omega kibble not showing up in the primal bench
  • Fixing expansion items not in primal smithy
  • Fixing taming nerco wyverns
  • Fixing boss mod crashing hopefully

3rd February 2020

  • Adjusted Primal turret. does 1077 damage, and has a higher aggro range
  • Added destroyer saddle passive drop when killing the destroyer boss
  • Added saddle slot to tamed destroyer
  • Lowered origin penguin spawns
  • Origin bullet should now work on powered up celestials and demonics
  • Increased size of celestial flame invisible projectile hit target
  • Re-added Alpha dodos to spawn pool
  • Re-added Alpha Dolphin to spawn pool and fixed fabled dolphin entry
  • Adding Deinos to jungles and scotland spawners
  • Adjusted Argentavis spawn rates
  • Fixed primal stim crafting only 1 at a time with a delay. Properly added usage interval of 30 seconds.
  • Buffed some of the tamed destroyer projectiles
  • Re-added seekers to proper AB map. Piggy backs off of vanilla seekers. Only on AB map unless expansion is used.
  • Fixed elder Icthyornis taming requirements
  • Adjusted celestial, demonic, chaos and spirit breeding code. Now they always use genders and if you enable breeding, you shouldnt have to use the mutator for it to work.
  • Reduced the amount of impulse pushing power the spirit creatures have on their projectile attack
  • Reduced the amount of impulse pushing power the destroyer has on its triple ball attack
  • Fixing taming effectiveness on Celestial Rock Drak, Celestial Thyla, and Demonic Reaper Empress

25th June, 2020


  • Added Necrotic Wyverns

- Bite heals wyvern by the same amount of damage that is dealt - Bite causes weakness. Targets take 1.5x damage for a limited time. This works on all bosses - Breath attack can damage structures - Projectile can land flyers - 13x stats over a vanilla wyvern

  • Added Omega Tier (13x stats vanilla. A breeders dream.)

- Omegas use Left Control to do an instant heal attack. This can also be accessed via Multi-Use wheel

- Newly tamed Omegas have 4 randomly rolled IV stats, Attack Damage, Incoming Damage, Speed, and Heal Amount

- Attack Damage is a multiplier of base damage output

- Incoming Damage is a natural resistance percent. an IV of 0.4 means it will take 40% normal damage

- Speed is simply a movement speed multiplier

- Heal amount is the amount of heal that this creature can instantly heal others (excluding itself) around it

- When you breed these creatures, the baby finds the closest adult of the same type around it, and adopts that parents IVs as its base IVs, and rolls its own random numbers. Any number larger than the base is taken, while smaller numbers are thrown out. NOTE genetic mutations can occur, and rarely, smaller numbers might be taken.

- You have a 2% chance to get a Black Omega, which has a base stat of 16x vanilla and a slightly varied skin

- Omega wyverns have been redone, and most of the attacks are either new or varied from default vanilla

- Added Omega Rex

- Added Omega Wyverns (all 4 versions)

- Added Omega Spino

- Added Omega Allo

- Added Omega Sarco

- Added Omega Indom

- Added Omega Reaper

  • Added Omega eggs, used in crafting Demonic/Celestial Kibble
  • Added Omega Kibble for taming wild Omegas. Baby Omegas do not need this to grow up
  • Added Omega Hide. Used for crafting Omega Saddles
  • Added Rocket Penguins
  • All Genesis spawners now supported.

NOTE: While most PF dinos will spawn, some do not. Toxic, Alpha, Apex, and Fabled variants of X version dinos do not spawn currently. There will be X versions of these dinos added in the full Genesis patch. So, while you will see, for example, an celestial, omega, chaos, spirit, primal, or origin rex, you will NOT see an alpha or apex rex, as in the future there will be X-Alpha and X-Apex.


  • Demonic / Celestial eggs used in crafting Spirit and Chaos orbs
  • Refined explosion visuals on all dinos that have explosions
  • Severely Increased chaos and spirit projectile AOE damage
  • Severely Increased Demonic and Celestial projectile AOE damage
  • Added explosion effects to Chaos projectiles
  • Changed Chaos Rex projectile animation to shoot straight out instead of down at his feet
  • Added new tek engrams to Origins

- Bear - tek double door frame

- Argent - tek fence support

- Carno - tek large wall

- Kairuku - tek ramp

- Raptor - tek tri ceiling

- Rex - tek tri foundation, tek pressure plate

- Spino - tek tri Roof, tek alarm

- Wyvern - tek double door, tek jump pad

  • Primal metal arrows now do 25% more torpor
  • All demonics can now poop an egg 20% of the time
  • Celestial egg layers can poop eggs 10% of the time
  • Phoenix damage types for special moves changed to not harvest creatures
  • Tripled the food effectiveness multiplier on all alpha or apex baby dinos that require kibble to raise


  • Fixed breeding issues with demonics and celestials. You should now have to enable the ini code for this to function
  • Fixed Toxic Zombie Dodo textures.
  • Fixed all wild Celestial Corrupted. No longer can be knock out tamed.
  • Doubled the Durability of Alpha, Apex, and Primal armor
  • Removed health bar and increased step damage radius from tamed Nova the Destroyer (tamed)
  • Added celestial hide to celestial seeker harvesting
  • Removed destroy soul from crafting recipe of destroyer armor
  • Disabling the chaos passive damage from INI should now work correctly
  • Removed celestial soul and celestial drops from killing tamed demonic reaper empress
  • Fixed alpha and apex enforcer taming
  • Fixed Celestial Theri spawning normal eggs instead of celestial eggs
  • Updated all celestials taming so they properly tame and dont lose affinity too fast
  • Verified all griffins use gestation
  • Verified all scorpions "can have baby" property now checked
  • Fixed taming affinity of toxic and vanilla tarantulas

28th January 2020

  • Celestial Wyverns should have a saddle slot now
  • Celestial Wyverns should be knock out tame with kibble now
  • Celestial Wyverns should give proper hide when killed
  • Renaming of Celestials and Demonics is Fixed
  • Celestials and Demonics (When powered up), and Spirit and Chaos (Always) apply a rider protection buff. Preventing all damage and buffs from hitting the rider. Added server code to set custom blocking value.
  • Spirit projectile secondary cluster fixed
  • Added ability to disable demonic and chaos passive AOE damage
  • Lowered and rebalanced special wyvern spawns
  • Re Added Artifacto the Great
  • Doubled the kibble food effectiveness multiplier on demonic and celestial babies when eating kibble
  • Attempting to make it so less demonic and spirit attacks hurt damage causer
  • Adding Demonic kibble requirements for demonic babies (This was overlooked)
  • Spirit and Chaos guardian minions immune to cocooning
  • Reduced Celestial and Demonic power up stamina drain by 50%
  • Removed buff protection from Rider Protection buff. This caused armor buffs to get removed. Rider protection buff now only protects the rider from direct damage and explosions. Any buff damage will still be received
  • Fixed Destroyer projectile cluster particles so they properly replicate
  • Destroyer minions now are unaffected by destroyer flyer land buff
  • Changed up Destroyer explosion buff particle on character to better match
  • Readded the Fabled Rock Golem
  • Readded wild Origin Penguins
  • Lowered Origin, Celestial, Spirit, and Chaos Rex spawns
  • Lowered Origin Carno spawns
  • Lowered Origin, Celestial, Chaos and Spirit Wyvern spawns
  • Fixed tamed Destroy particle toggle being able to turn off but not back on again
  • Fixed renaming of tamed destroyer
  • Lowered Origin Raptor Spawns
  • Added all PF versions of Fire to the armor prevent fire buffs
  • Added proper eggs for Demonic thorny, and glowtail
  • Added proper eggs for Chaos Wyvern and Rex, and Spirit Wyvern and Rex





25th January 2020

  • Celestial Theri should now require celestial kibble to tame
  • Celestial Theri should be aggressive in the wild now
  • Referenced all legacy Ascended, Corrupted, and Corrupted Ascended celestials. I forgot to do this resulting in them being removed. If you have a backup of your world you can reload it and itll fix it. If not, sorry.. not much I can do to recover anything lost
  • Referenced Fabled jerboa, jerboa mother, captain black boulder, and rudolph
  • Fixed celestial wyverns not being knock out tames
  • Demonics no longer burn allies with buff on
  • Chaos creatures that are tamed should no longer apply their buff to allies
  • Spirit creatures tamed should apply their heal buff to allies

24th January 2020


  • Added Celestial Theriz in normal, corrupted, ascended, and ascended corrupted
  • Added Corrupted and Ascended corrupted celestial ice wyvern mesh
  • New Tier 5 Boss: Nova, the Destroyer: Dodo Reaper. Multiple custom attacks. Once down to 15% or less health, it drops a fertilized egg and gets enraged. doing 150% damage until dead. Drops Demonic Descension item, and 3 custom rocket blueprints. Can pull Celestials out of powerup mode with swarm and AOE fire it produces. Thanks Zythara for Dodo Reaper model!
  • Descension Item
  • New Spawn System (Read more about it under UPDATED)



All regular celestials will receive this update for free. Corrupted, Ascended, or Corrupted Ascended celestials do not get this update, as their blueprints have change. As a result, all of these dinos have the corruption option available. Simply place a corrupted spore on the creature and corrupt it. This will do a swap and replace the current dino with the same type of new version

  • All Celestials now use a new buff system for powering up. This includes a new on/off icon in the top right.
  • All Celestial fire is now converted to real fire. multiple hits of lower damage. Must hit with actual flame particles.
  • All Celestials can now power up in the wild.
  • All Celestials can power up/down by Left Ctrl + C or through the multi-use wheel.
  • Celestial Allo has new stomp explosion.
  • Celestial Emperor fire breath nerfed. There was a big mistake multiplying the damage output.
  • Celestial Griffin given new projectile attack C. Requires flying. New firebreath animation.
  • Celestial Rex given new projectile attack C. New firebreath animation.
  • Celestial RockDrake fire breath hits 2x as much as a normal celestial.
  • Celestial Seeker spine attack converted to the same projectile as the argentavis. Less spines shoot out, but spines shoot straight and do not despawn until they make contact.
  • Celestial Spino has new projectile attack C.
  • Celestial Thyla has new projectile attack X.
  • Celestial Wyvern has new projectile attack C.
  • Celestial Yuty's fire breath hits 2x as much as a normal celestial.


  • All Demonics can now power up. The demonic power up does 15% less damage taken, and 120% more damage to enemies. While this is less than celestials, it also slowly heals your creature, and sets anything around it on fire.
  • All Demonics can power up in the wild, or when allied or tamed and attacking an enemy. Can also be powered up through the radial menu.
  • All Demonics can now Descend. Similar to the Celestial Ascension, put a Demonic Descension item into your inventory and descend your demonic to bring to the next level. Descension item acquired from Tier 5 Nova the Destroy boss
  • All Demonic fire is now real fire. You must hit the enemy with the particle. This hits multiple times for less damage per time. Demonic reaper empress is the only exception, as its too big to have this done
  • Demonic Pig now has new fire sweep attack
  • Demonic Shinehorn now launches between 4-10 meteors (random each time) and leaves behind a burning AOE
  • Demonic Monkey now throws explosive cluster poop. Initial blast separates into 5 poops, and again to 5 each. Total of 25 poops exploding and leaving behind burning AOE
  • Demonic Thorny Dragon spike take particle changed and leaves behind burning AOE
  • Demonic Megatherium has new fire breath attack
  • Demonic Equus AOE attack damage buff
  • Demonic Roll Rat has now AOE smash explosion attack
  • Demonic Sheep Explosion attack damage buffed
  • Demonic Reaper Empress spines and fire balls leave behind burning AOE. Boss only version fire balls also land fliers. Fire Ball Burning AOE does more DOT, but spine AOE has a wider spread


  • Most Primal Fear dinos now spawn on the backs of vanilla dinos. This means that Primal Fear should be compatible with any map, even new official ark maps. Because of this new spawn system, Primal Fear is REQUIRED to be in front of any other mod that touches vanilla dinos, since PF requires vanilla dinos to spawn in PF dinos. This new spawn mechanic also might not work with now spawns are traditionally increased. I hope that this mechanic brings in more creatures so that is not necessary.


  • All chaos fire converted to real fire breath attack, doing multiple hits of lower damage, and requiring creatures to be hit with the particle
  • All chaos now give a passive buff to all enemies around it, doing damage per second, and making the enemy take 20% more damage
  • Wyvern Turn radius increased


  • All spirit fire converted to real fire breath attack, doing multiple hits of lower damage, and requiring creatures to be hit with the particle
  • All spirit creatures visual returned to original skeleton withing semi-transparent mesh
  • All spirit now give passive buff to all tamed creatures on your team. This buff heals your creatures passively and also makes the creatures take 20% less damage.
  • Spirit ball attack overhauled. New style of attack. Spirit ball explodes and launches multiple versions and leaves behind an AOE that hurts anything inside of it.
  • Wyvern Turn radius increased


The base armor rating for saddles have changed. They are as follows:

  • Toxic: 30
  • Alpha: 40
  • Alpha platform/tek: 45
  • Elemental: 50
  • Apex: 65
  • Apex platform/tek: 70
  • Fabled: 75
  • Fabled platform/tek: 85
  • Demonic/Celestial: 100
  • Demonic/Celestial platform/tek: 120
  • Chaos/Spirit: 125
  • Primal Tek Dino: 60
  • Primal Tek Dino Platform/Tek: 70
  • Buffoons/Other randoms: Remained unchanged


  • Elder Defense Unit, Ichtynornis, Otter, and Phoenix no longer require special kibble. Can tame with normal vanilla stuff.
  • All light pets have increased base emitter range. The higher the tier, the better the range.
  • Rebalance Elder Moschops, and other elder attack damages
  • Tier 3 through 7 bosses can now walk through primal tek forcefield. Field only blocks tier 1 and 2
  • Tier 6 bosses now require 1 creator and 1 destroyer soul
  • Tier 7 boss now requires 2 creator and 2 destroyer souls
  • Being near a wild Celestial Indom Emperor will make all demonics power down and block powering up. Celestials are unaffected
  • Being near a wild Demonic Reaper Empress will make all celestials power down and block powering up. Demonics are unaffected
  • Tier 6 and 7 bosses will land flyers, and pull celestials and demonics out of power up and block it for 30 seconds when roaring to summon minions. 4 seconds from animation start to buff applied.
  • Tier 6 and 7 minions buffed. Take less damage and deal more damage
  • Emperor will naturally target players from farther away
  • Tier 2 bosses mass increased to prevent pushing
  • Origin bullet 30 second timer fixed. Wild dinos also gain 300% melee damage and 200% movement speed while origin buff is active
  • Primal Stim now adds stamina over 15 seconds, and has a 30 second cooldown
  • Elder Phoenix and Defense unit taming food changed to vanilla
  • Tier 5 creator boss will pull demonics out of power up mode when using purple burst attack
  • Elemental poop alt chance changed from 50% to 30%
  • Defense unit mass increase to stop being pushed around
  • Colossus boss rotation rate increased
  • Elemental Drops removed from Tier 6 elemental colossus minions
  • Celestial Argent explosion particle viewing distance increased
  • Fixed naming of fertilized caustic eggs
  • Elemental Microrapters now "fly spring" with flapping animations. have better turn radius, attack range, and have their movement slowed down a bit. Running on ground is faster than flying.
  • Increased size of Tarantula eggs
  • Lootsets fixed so now tiers should give proper loot
  • Alpha indom raptor minions no longer give alpha hide and blood
  • Kamikaze and Nuka dodos now have a smoke particle
  • Removed Nuka dodo ability to be tamed normally. Can only be a rare bred creature.
  • Creator boss knock out flyers attack and explosion attack had their attack ranges and swing radius increased
  • Removed 500x tame helper from Fabled lootset
  • Medium XP Potion description fixed
  • Alpha and Apex Seekers now properly require their tier kibble
  • Removed Fabled unicorn poop description claiming it tames other unicorns
  • Primal tranq compound arrows moved to level 93 with compound bow
  • Primal Tek Shield no longer blocks Primal Fear bosses above tier 2 from entering. Origin and Primals get blocked, but anything tier 3 and above can walk right through
  • Spirit and Chaos orbs now take an additional 5 fabled eggs and 2 celestial eggs
  • Celestials that can normally lay eggs give 10% chance to alt poop out eggs instead of poop
  • Fixed alpha spino stance issues
  • Alpha and Fabled Anky and Doed melee damage and animations matching vanilla now. Also, alpha and fabled have increasingly higher harvest damage multipliers



26th June 2019



New kibble system introduced!

  • Known bugs: Alpha/Fabled roll rat taming might be temporarily broken. Alpha/Apex Hyaenodon are still pet tame and will change in the future. Boss mod bosses currently don't require the kibble, but this will get added to the tribute crafting cost in the near future
  • New Toxic, Alpha, Apex, Elemental, Fabled, Demonic, and Celestial kibble.
  • Each tier dino that is an egg layer will passively lay unfertilized tiered eggs. These are universal eggs regardless of creature type. These eggs are used to craft the next tier up kibble.
  • Vanilla base eggs are used to craft toxic kibble
  • All creatures now take multiple kibbles depending on taming rates. Celestials and Demonics no longer require only 1 kibble. The crafting recipes have changed as a result.


Harvesting Blood and Feathers

  • Blood and feathers drops have been moved away from passive drops and are now directly tied to harvesting dead bodies.
  • Creatures, higher quality picks, chainsaws...etc all now effect the quantity of blood and feathers harvested from corpses.
  • Theoretically it should be possible to breed dinos for their blood/feathers

Tiered Hide

  • Creatures now drop custom hide from their tier. This hide is used in crafting the saddles for that tier, among other things.


  • Dino loot drops are now not 100% guaranteed. The higher the tier of dino, the more of a chance of a loot drop.
  • Removed Toxic Narcotics from loot drops
  • It is much more rare to get weapons from lootdrops. 95% of all weapons received will be in the form of blueprints with 5% chance to drop actual weapon
  • Armor drops are also 95% blueprints, 5% actual drop.
  • Armor and weapon quality blueprints rebalanced so higher tier version dont require absurd amount of materials
  • XP potions are more rare
  • Primal stims have been reduced
  • The higher the tier creature the better items you could get. Lower tier creatures can drop vanilla items/weapons and blueprints
  • Added New Tarantulas

Replaces current Tarantulas. Less buggy. Can spawn in groups of 3-6 and are pack creatures. Their damage increases by an additional 0.5 (starting at 1) for every creature in the pack. the alpha of the pack has an additional 3x multiplier and .5 damage reduction. 1% chance to give bio virus. Tamed ones can also use predator mode. note: any codes disabling previous tarantulas will no longer work as these new ones are named different and are in a different location. You must recreate your codes

  • Added Toxic Scorpion
  • Added Toxic Tarantula (Also Pack)
  • Added Toxic Dodo
  • Added Toxic Phiomia
  • Added Toxic Stygimoloch
  • Added Toxic Parasaur
  • Added Toxic Turtle
  • Added Toxic Toad
  • Added Fabled Rhino
  • Added Fabled Theri
  • Use a new spawn mechanic for all toxics. They should be far more common now


  • Updated the Spirit dino skin with new version. This will allow me to expand the spirit tier in the future.
  • Significantly increased projectile damage of personal attack drone
  • Updated Ascension item description
  • New Celestial Argent Spine Damage control. Cannot be 0, but can be .0001 - 5
  - CelestialArgentSpineDamageMultiplier=1
  • Increased Celestial Argy spine cool down
  • Celestial Argy spine base damage decreased
  • Removed secondary mesh from all chaos creatures as it was too buggy looking sometimes
  • Creator and Emperor Spin flyer land buff can now penetrate celestial power up
  • Health potions should now work on powered up celestials
  • Demonic Reaper Empress tameable version no longer displays kill message and gives less XP
  • Colossus attack radius increased
  • Colossus step damage and radius increased
  • Black Boulder should no longer kill its own minions
  • Black Boulder Minions should ignore wild dinos
  • Club Torch of Destruction can now drop in varying quality levels
  • Club Torch of Destruction Base Damage increased
  • Club Torch of Destruction Torpor and Structure damage modes damage divider increased (resulting in lower physical damage)
  • Ascension item no longer acts like polymer
  • Ascended Celestials no longer take fall damage
  • Demonic Ovis can no longer be passive tamed
  • Fixed Aberrant Fabled Equus misspelling
  • Fixing Celestial Seeker armor misspelling
  • Origin wild dino aggro range increased
  • Demonic Roll Rat no longer kicks off rider when rolling. Had to re-enable durability usage. Increased durability by a ton
  • Fixed Spelling error in primal refining forge
  • Pikkons Revenge breath applies proper effect and no longer freezes the player
  • Creator revenge drone minions have improved AI and no longer stick around for a long time after dead
  • Enabled Torpor taming on Basilisks
  • Fabled Featherlights can no longer mount on shoulder (they are too big and shouldnt have been able to)



30th September 2019


  • Updated focused harvesting on alpha (0.02), Apex (0.04) and Fabled (0.08) Theri to make a better progression
  • Toxic Dodos should now properly lay toxic eggs
  • Toxic Zombie Dodos have the change to lay eggs faster than regular toxic dodos
  • Removed Prime fish meat taming from pescavores
  • Fixed fabled rhino not being able to be knocked out
  • Increased fabled Rhino ram damage multiplier
  • Fixed being able to craft multiple kibbles at a time
  • Reduced narcotic time to craft
  • Changed Tek part crafting time.
 * Hydraulics - 5 seconds
 * Lubricant - 0.25 seconds
 * Metal Heart - 10 seconds
 * Rubber - 1 second
 * Server - 5 seconds
  • Reduced Personal Drone time to craft
  • Adjusted Tek dino crafting times
  • Removed custom repair requirements on armor. Repairing uses blood and custom hide. Because armor drops at more reasonable crafting reqs, repairing shouldn't be so insane
  • New Tarantula Disable Code (disables all normal and toxic versions)

26th June 2019


  • Fixed apex Deino to properly reflect Apex damage multiplier
  • Deino can now level up speed
  • Deinos now properly spawn
  • Properly added Toxic Raptor saddle to Primal Smithy
  • Increased Captain Black Boulder Weight
  • Doubled tamed Captain Black Boulder damage
  • Changed Captain Black Boulder Parrot minion AI to be more aggressive
  • Captain Black Boulder health increased
  • Buffoon Megatherium fire fixed so it does damage
  • Added Valguero Fire Wyvern Spawner
  • Added Valguero AB Spawners
  • Added Rock Drake spawns to Drake Trench
  • All AB dinos that should be immune to radiation and have the radiation and radiation sickness buffs prevented

15th June 2019


  • Fixing Celestial Rex, Spino, and Rock Drake from their resets (Due to the dev kit).
  • Fixing AI on Origins and Primals.

22nd, June 2019


Primal Fear Main

  • Added despawn timer to tier 7 boss minions.
  • Added full support for Valguero.
  • Added Alpha and Apex Deinonychus (should be able to be knock out tamed).

Primal Fear Bosses

  • Increased Dodorex fire sweep particle LOD.
  • Added bosses to some Valguero spawners.

Primal Fear Extinction Expansion

  • Added EX dinos to some custom Valguero spawners.
  • Increased vanilla Titan time to despawn without target value.

14th June 2019 PRIMAL FEAR MAIN


  • Added Tier 6 Elemental Colossus Bosses.
  • Added Tier 7, Pikkon's Revenge Boss.
  • Added Primal Rocket Launcher.
  • Added Primal Rockets.
  • Added Elemental Primal Rockets (Unlocked after being each tier 6 boss).
  • Added Primal Tek Turret (Unlocked after beating Tier 5, Creator boss.INI damage adjustment available).
  • Added Primal Auto Turret (Uses Primal Rifle Bullets).
  • Added Primal Tek Shield (Unlocked after beating Tier 5, Creator boss.Can get much larger than vanilla shield and has a higher durability).
  • Added Creator Club.Unlocked after beating tier 7 boss.


  • Increased LOD of elemental featherlight secondary ground attack.
  • Adjusted clown giganto First person view to give better visbility.
  • Removed XP from Celestial Allo sword minion.
  • Increased Artifacto the Greats electric attack LOD.
  • Changed Alpha and Apex Velano to use a global multiplier for attack. This SHOULD affect the turret projectiles, so they increase with the same multiplier.
  • Removed fabled blood drop, XP, and loot drop from fabled jerboa mother children.
  • Fixed elemental featherlight armor folder location.
  • Fixed celestial Spino reverting to level 1 on corruption.
  • Fixed Alpha and Elder Hesperornis run animations to properly reflect surface type.
  • Fixed corrupted Apex Rex animations, run speed, sounds, and POV.
  • Fixed Primal Tek Saddles not showing up in bench and not saying where to craft them.
  • Fixed female celestial glove FPV.
  • Removed kill notification from tamed celestial emperors.


  • Significantly increased the damage of the Primal Sniper Bullet (Damage only round).
  • Personal Attack Drone can now fly underwater.
  • Updated the Creator Soul description.
  • Added new Soul icons.
  • Demonic Empress and Celestial Emperor now drop their own custom soul.
  • Celestial Emperor roar wild cooldown increased to 60 seconds.
  • Celestial Emperor now takes 60% less damage.
  • Celestial Emperor can no longer be picked up by another dino.
  • Chaos and Spirit Guardians are no longer locked.All boss engrams are learned by default.
  • Wild Alpha and Apex Indom roar cooldown increased to 60 seconds.
  • Removed durability on Celestial Shield.
  • Fixed typo in Legendary Pegasus saddle description.
  • Increased Cooldown and stamina requirements for Celestial Argentavis Carpet Bomb attack.
  • Celestial Yuty no longer moves when breathing fire.
  • Increased Celestial Yuty Bite radius slightly.
  • Increased Demonic thorny dragon melee attack radius slightly.
  • Demonic Ovis now gives mutton when harvested.
  • Demonic Roll Rat saddle no longer uses durability.
  • Primal Tek Quetz should properly no longer use stamina.
  • Primal Tek Dinos should no longer burned by wyvern fire.
  • Updated cloning cost of some dinos.
  • Completely remapped Origin Tek Engram unlocks and added anything missing.
  • Celestial Indoms no longer gather wood.
  • All Origins had a small TLC pass.Cannot be pushed, aggro sooner.
  • All Origins, when aggro on player, also aggro any wild dino within a large radius.
  • All Primals now properly aggro, and aggro range has been increased.
  • Origins given a small buff.Origins take 20% less damage.
  • Primals given a small buff. Primals take 10% less damage.
  • Artifacto given buff.Takes less damage and deals more. All artefacts added to lootset.
  • Captain Black Boulder Given a buff.Takes 50% less damage and deals 150% more.
  • Gave all boss minions new AI so they properly attack.
  • Guardians and creator boss now take 30% less damage and have improved AI.
  • Reaper Empress can now properly use fireball attack when wild.
  • Kamikaze dodos now will attempt to get much closer to you before exploding.
  • Guardian and Creator recipes changed to include Artefacts and new souls.



  • Replicator.
  • Foundation.
  • Triangle Foundation.
  • Wall.
  • Window.
  • Window Frame.
  • Sloped Wall Left.
  • Sloped Wall Right.


  • Gauntlets.
  • Megalodon Saddle.
  • Door.
  • Door Frame.
  • Ceiling.
  • Triangle Ceiling.
  • Roof.
  • Triangle Roof.
  • Sloped Roof.


  • Sleeping Pot.
  • Trousers.
  • Double Door.
  • Double Door Frame.
  • Light.
  • Catwalk.
  • Ladder.
  • Pillar.


  • Tapejara Saddle.
  • Rifle.
  • Trough.
  • Generator.
  • Trapdoor.
  • Trapdoor Frame.
  • Cryopod.
  • Cryofridge.
  • Bridge.


  • Chestpiece.
  • Mosa-Saddle.
  • Shield.
  • Vacuum Compartment.
  • Ramp.
  • Stairs.
  • Round Stairs.


  • Boots.
  • Sword.
  • Teleporter.
  • Behemoth Gate.
  • Behemoth Gate Frame.
  • Dino Gate.
  • Dino Gate Frame.


  • Helmet.
  • Rex-Saddle.
  • Dedicated Storage.
  • Vacuum Compartment Moonpool.
  • Large Wall.
  • Fence Support.
  • Fence Foundation.
  • Fence.


  • Transmitter.
  • Shield-Generator.
  • Turret.
  • Rockdrake-Saddle.
  • Grenade.
  • Gav Grenade.
  • Railgun.
  • Cloning Chamber.

22nd April 2019


  • Origin Bullet Rework. Origin bullets now remove food and fill 100% topridity over 30 seconds. Protect your tame while it gains torpor.
  • Lowered Fabled Gacha crystal giving primal tek related items. They gave way too many.
  • Lowered other items and chances of feathers on Fabled Gachas. Existing ones shouldnt be affected.
  • Increased range of celestial indom emperor fire
  • Enabled Elder and Alpha Hesperornis sleeping tame
  • Added INI codes for primal tek bench and primal smithy to control crafting speed
    • PrimalSmithySpeedMultiplier=5
    • PrimalTekBenchSpeedMultiplier=1
  • Edited fabled unicorn poop description to include 10x XP multiplier for 60 seconds
  • Adjusted fabled beaver eye glow to not look so disconnected
  • Adjusted the alpha and elder otter capsules so they dont swim above water
  • Added more fire, bleeding and other buffs that primal tek dinos are immune to
  • Allowed unicorn poop consumable on dino
  • Fixed demonic roll rat camera issues
  • Allow weapons on demonic bulbdog, daeodon, glowtail, hyaenodon, monkey, sheep, shinehorn and thorny dragon
  • Tek dinos now have hurt FX like defenders
  • Personal attack done should no longer disappear randomly, and projectiles should scale with melee damage
  • Malin jerboa minions and jerboa mother minions should now die on stasis
  • Rebuilt and Fixed fabled trike, stego, ptero and paracer
  • Primal tek trike main attack no longer stops movement
  • Primal tek dinos wild level reset to respect max server level. no over max server levels. This caused issues with blueprints dropping at not the right level.
  • Added Primal Gas Mask. Unbreakable, and removes POV post processing

3rd April 2019


  • Fixed renaming of celestial indom emperor.
  • Harvesting PF defenders, enforcers, and primal tek dinos can yield metal ingots, electronics, black pearls, and element dust.
  • Reduced Celestial and creator boots speed boost buff to 200% instead of 500%.
  • Alpha Gachas have a greater chance to produce items. Can also produce minimal amounts of elemental feathers as a rare resource.
  • Fabled Gachas have the highest chance to produce items. Item tables completely reworked. Better resources are more common. Can produce elemental feathers in 3 buckets. Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare. You wont know which version you got until it drops feathers. The rare the version, the more feathers it drops. Can also drop a few items related to primal tek dinos, black pearls, corrupted nodules and more.
  • Buffoon, Shadow, and Alpha nameless food and taming changed to that of a raptor.
  • Increased repair costs of armors. I made them way way to low before. Blood still removed.
  • Prevent chaos projectile from applying debuffs to bosses.


  • Fixed Primal Broodmother not begin considered a "boss". which allowed debuffs.
  • Prevent chaos projectile from applying debuffs to bosses.
  • Removed Orb drops from chaos creatures.
  • Can harvest Primal Broodmothers now.

2nd April 2019

  • Fixed defender and enforcer lasers projectile graph. Should increase explosion damage with melee damage.
  • Fixed Broken Celestial Equipment item description misspelling.
  • Fixing radial wheel on all celestials that can be corrupted and ascended.
  • Increase celestial argent projectile speed, decreased gravity, removed wisp particle. Added trail fire and changed color of projectile.
  • Increased Artifacto kill XP.
  • Increased demonic monkey projectile explosion particles.
  • Decrease Buffoon megatherium default speed.
  • Gave Buffoon megatherium a new fire attack.
  • Primal Megalodons now give primal souls.
  • Decreased Indom food decrease when healing.
  • Replaced Primal Blood with Apex Blood in Lubricant crafting recipe.
  • Reduced Rubber Crafting Req.
  • Reduced Servo Crafting Req.
  • Reduced Crafting requirement exponential cost increase with higher levels on primal tek dinos.
  • Significantly reduce repair cost of alpha, apex, and primal armor. Removed blood from repair cost.
  • Prevent Grinding from vanilla grinder.
  • Celestial Sword Allo Minion reworked. Cannot have saddle, or be ridden, gain XP or level up.
    Reduced spawn in level multiplier by 0.25.
  • Tek dinos will now properly ignore oxygen.
  • Fixed shield icon on celestial shield buff and fabled grifficorn armor.
  • Fixed alpha giga corruption reset. Now should corrupt at the right level.
  • Fabled unicorn poop consumption gives 10x XP rate for 60 seconds. but also gives you Psychedelic effects and hurts you.

27th March 2019

  • Removed ability to sleep tame corrupted celestials.
  • Properly removed phantom spawns from corrupted and ascended corrupted celestials. This should be the last of that.
  • Fixed corrupted alpha ptero and dimorph.
  • Cloning cost on many high level dinos has changed.
  • Clamped angle on celestial argent to make projectiles more predictable.
  • Rebuilt a new Celestial Indom Emperor attack to replace laggy AOE flyer land.

26th March 2019

  • Properly removed celestial argent minions. These cause bugs and issues.
  • Fixed Primal Giga flying when running.
  • Rebuilt Celestial Corrupted dinos.
  • Properly label celestial shield defense buff.
  • Removed ability to ride and saddle celestial allo minion from celestial sword. Also added delay timer until destroy actor and prevent stasis.
  • Increased defender roll passive damage radius.
  • Lowered freeze time on elemental freeze attack, and removed ability to use on boss dinos.
  • Fixed Primal Tek Dino drops.
  • Alpha and Apex Enforcers now have an auto-laser (hold X).
  • Alpha and Apex Enforcers now eat meat.
  • Alpha and Apex Enforcers now sidestep.
  • Fixed all corrupted so they can properly sprint.

17th March 2019

  • Fixing celestial armor buffs.
  • Rebuilding corrupted celestials. This will cause existing corrupted celestials to disappear.
    **Sorry, but it was necessary. NOTE: only corrupted basic celestials will disappear.
    **Corrupted Ascended are fine.
  • Removing celestial Phantom summon ability. This was causing way too many issues. Might rework it for the future.
  • Fixing ascended griffin to have dive bomb.
  • Fixing Apex defender damage output.

16th March 2019

  • Rebuilt Alpha and Apex Toad, gave new bite animation and made it so attack animations blend and can be used while moving.
  • Fixing Apex Corrupted Carno, Chalico, and Rex cameras.
  • Fixing Alpha Carno, Chalico, Dimorph, Ptero, and Stego cameras.
  • Fixing Fabled Corrupted Stego, and Ptero cameras.
  • Fixing Corrupted Alpha colorsets.
  • Fixing Corrupted Celestial colorsets.
  • Adding Ice Elementals to Extinction Ice Spawners.
  • Celestial Indom roar, minion and flyer land prevent movement.
  • Celestial Indom fire blended with walk to allow movement.
  • Fixing Corrupted Celestial Damage Amounts.
  • Removing Rage from Indoms.
  • Removing Corrupted Celestial Rock Drake and Wyverns from spawning eggs in nests.
  • Fixing Corrupted Celestial tags so they can use the proper saddles.
  • All versions of the Celestial Rex can walk and breath fire properly.
  • Chaos Rex can now walk and breath fire and shoot fireballs.
  • Spirit Rex can now walk and breath fire.

15th March 2019

  • Fixed some Corrupted dinos who were unable to be ridden.
  • Fixed Grifficorn ground melee.
  • Fixed all Griffin ground melee so they can run and swipe with their claws.
  • Attempting to alter Celestial Emperor flyer land to reduce server lag.
  • Attempting to alter Creator flyer land to reduce server lag.
  • Fixed any renaming or any other issue regarding corrupted or ascended action wheel.
  • Reduced torpor on wild alpha and apex enforcers.
  • Flyers can walk and fly backwards.
  • Argent, Snow Owl, and Wyverns can now strafe.
  • Alpha Flak now has 5x durability to match tier (base 600).
  • Apex Flak now has 10x durability to match tier (base 1200).
  • Primal Flak now has 30x durability (base 3600).

13th March 2019

  • Celestial Emperor now requires Celestial Kibble to tame.
  • Increased the cooldown of Alpha and Apex wild Indom roar.
  • Tameble Emperor will now properly become immune to buffs only when the powerup is on. This means it can be affected by (de)buffs should it be off, this also fixes Healing Potions.
  • Added rider ejection impulse to Defenders; you now properly pop out of the top when dismounting.
  • Celestial Argent carpet bomb attack rework: Spines now have greater gravity, are more clustered, and feature a shorter lifespan.
    • This means that you will need to get closer to your target to use it effectively, giving a higher risk and reward.
  • Celestial Indom is no longer affected by fall damage.

12th March 2019

  • Small patch to address the breaking of progression between tier 4 and 5 bosses; tier 4 bosses will no longer require a Creator Soul to craft.

12th March 2019

New Additions

*Added Demonic Sword
*Added Celestial Sword
*Added Celestial Armor
*Elder Defender (Custom shield and laser)
*Alpha, Apex Defender (Custom shield and laser)
*Alpha, Apex Enforcer (higher tiers can blink farther and regen faster)
*Alpha, Fabled Gacha (higher tiers have a larger radius and check more often for drops)
*Alpha, Fabled Gas Bags (higher tiers have more capacity and regen faster)
*Alpha, Apex Managarmr
*Alpha, Apex, Fabled Snow Owl (higher tiers heal faster and freeze in a bigger aoe)
*Alpha, Apex Velanosaur
*Alpha, Apex Indom Rex
*Corrupted Alpha, Apex, Fabled, Celestial Dinos
*Ascended Celestial Dinos
*Ascended Corrupted Celestial Wyverm, Rex, Rock Drake, and Spino
*Primal Tek Rex
*Primal Tek Giga
*Primal Tek Raptor
*Primal Tek Quetz
*Primal Tek Parasaur
*Primal Tek Trike
*Primal Tek Stego
*Primal Tek Mosa
*Personal Attack Drone
*Primal Tek Bench
*Suicide Potion
*Celestial Emperor
===== Corruption =====
* You can now corrupt your creatures. This only applies to creatures that naturally have a corruption variant. Corrupted creatures deal 125-150% melee   damage, and receive 20% less damage than their non-corrupt counterpart. But they also require a corrupted nodule every hour to remain corrupted. If you leave your corrupted dino without a nodule and an hour ellapses, it will untame, go wild, and attack anything around it. It will become untameable as well, so you must then be force to put your pet down. In order to corrupt your dino, craft a corruption spore, put it in your dino inventory, open the   interaction wheel and selection "Corrupt Dino". Corruption only works on alpha, apex, fabled, and celestial tiers. When corrupting your dino, the resulting dino is an exactly duplicate of the previous one, right down to the custom name, tamed levels, pumped levels, and levels available.
WARNING: Corrupting is a one way street. Once corrupted, you can not uncorrupt your dino! Before corrupting, remove saddle and empty inventory of all items you wish to keep as they will get deleted. Corruption only exists for dinos that Wild Card built a corrupted mesh for.
===== Ascension =====
* You can now ascend your Celestial creatures. In order to do this, aquire the ascension item from defeating the new and improved Pikkon the creator tier 5  boss. The item is used in the crafting recipe for the subsequent engram that gets unlocked. After you have crafted the item necessary to ascend, place the item inside your celestial, open the interaction wheel, and select "Ascend Dino". While you CAN corrupt your celestial, doing so makes the creature ineligible for ascension, as it is no longer pure. You can, however, corrupt your ascended creature. This final corrupted ascended dino is the most powerful player owned creature in the mod. It, though, does require corrupted nodules to keep loyal to you. The ascended dino does NOT keep the previous dino's wild or tamed stats. The ascended dino will spawn at the level of which the previous dino was at, allowing you to further level the ascended dino to new heights.
WARNING: Remove all items, including saddle, from creature before you ascend or corrupt. Anything left on the dino post ascension or corruption will be  deleted.
  • Celestial melee/defense multipliers for each stage:
-Celestial | Normal: 1/1, Powered up: 1.5/0.75
-Corrupted | Normal: 1.25/0.8, Powered up: 2/0.5
-Ascended | Normal: 3/0.7, Powered up: 6/0.35
-Corrupted Ascended| 4/0.6, Powered up: 7/0.25
===== Primal Tek Dinos =====
Primal Tek Dinos are craftable tek dinos with special abilities and traits. These should be thought of as machines, not living, breathing organisms. As  such, they are genderless and do not breed. But they also dont require food, or use stamina or oxygen. By default, you can craft the lowest level version. Getting higher level versions require killing wild primal tek dinos and crafting them, just like enforcers. 
1. Can spawn over server level
2. don't use oxygen, food, or stamina
3. does bad bleed damage
4. can hold a total of 8 modules to augment it
5. can level up melee, health and speed, but only in small increments. Oxygen, stamina, and food bars are not visible.
6. Must be crafted in the new primal tek bench (as are their saddles)
7. are default 12x stat multipliers
8. Super heavy (pick up wise). Will be difficult or impossible for creatures to pick up.
9. Will not float when idle in water. Will sink.
10. Shield module allows use of Shield. Blocks 90% of incoming damage. Shield health is 20% character health on start up. As damage incures, shield health  decrease. Player can disable shield to regenerate at any point. If shield health reaches 0, it breaks, Shield will become inoperable until shield health  fully regenerates to 100%.
11. Active breeding block enabled. Genderless and do not breed (because, robots). Active code prevents overriding this via S+ mutator and other modded  items meant to circumvent non-breeding dinos
12. Primal Tek Dinos are immune to the following buffs:
Origin Stamina Drain
Celestial Fire
General Fire
Kentro Bleeding
Creator Fire
Tek dino bleeding
Celestial / Demonic Sword
When unsheathed, the celestial sword summons a tamed celestial Allosaurus as a minion. Cannot be ridden, and doesn't allow armor. Cannot be ascended or corrupted.
When unsheathed, the demonic sword begins charging. Melee damage increases over time. Once max damage is reached, player has a set amount of time.  Overload warning occurs 80% into max damage lifetime. After 100%, overload is reached and an explosion happens. Killing the user and anything around it.  Sheathing the weapon resets the melee damage and timer.


BOSS MOD All bosses spawn on extinction