Aberration Expansion

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Aberration Expansion
File:Primal Fear Aberration Expansion.png
Primal Fear Aberration creatures to maps that do not have Aberration spawners.
Mod author
Release date
February 27th, 2018
Actively maintained

This mod adds Primal Fear Aberration creatures to maps that do NOT have arkgg:Aberration Spawners. More Primal Fear Aberration creatures are to come.

Playing Primal Fear without this mod will only spawn Primal Fear Aberration creatures on Aberration DLC maps. If the map you are playing is either Aberration, or has an Aberration section, this mod is NOT necessary.

99% of the default Aberration taming methods intact. This mod ONLY changes to that is that  Rock Drakes are now tamable by the knock-out method. It is possible untamable vanilla versions are spawned by the map. This does not replace those. Simply adds to them.

This does NOT spawn Aberrant versions of Primal Fear creatures. Those ONLY spawn on Aberration maps, using the base mod of Primal Fear.


The following creatures would be affected by this expansion on maps that do not have Aberration spawn containers.

Alpha Apex Fabled Celestial/Demonic Misc

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